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  1. Abstract and key words are needed in order to avoid problems about being included in the articles published in international indexes. For this reason, English-Turkish abstracts and key words must be taken place in the the article which will be sent to journal . Abstracts should not exceed 200 words, 7 words should be used as maximum in the part of key words.
  2. The title of the articles in English, should be added below the title of articles in Turkish.

Manuscripts should be written in Microsoft Word, and page structure of the program
shall be in the following table

Paper Size A4 vertical
Top Margin 5,5 cm
Lower Margin 4 cm
Left Margin 4 cm
Right Margin 4 cm
Font Times News Roman
Font Style Normal (Standard)
Size (plain text) 10
Size (footnote text) 9
Line Spacing Single (1)
  • Only the first letters of each word in the article titles must be great, no other formatting, should not be included.
  • Number of pages of scientific studies which will be sent , will have maximum of 30 pages, including attachments, such as the map and sketch and similar materials.
  • In article, up to eight shapes or tables must be given. Shapes and tables must be noted in the text . Figure and table size should not be out of the specified dimensions for the article.
  • Spelling and punctuation must be based on the Turkish Language Institution Speller. the exceptions of some specified situations enforcing the terms of article or topic.
  • Footnotes in the article should be given APA((American Psychological Association) format.